Badges provide a visual flair to Moment NFTs on NFL ALL DAY. Badges are unique visual identifiers awarded to select, significant Moments that meet certain criteria.

Moment Badge Types


#1 Serial

This badge signifies that the Moment is a #1 serial.



Jersey Match

This badge indicates that the Moment has a serial number that matches the player's jersey number.




This badge indicates the first Moment ever minted on NFL ALL DAY for a particular player*.



Rookie Mint

This badge marks that the Moment was minted for a player in their rookie year*.



Rookie Year

This badge signifies any Moment that occurred in the player’s rookie year.



Championship Year

This badge indicates any Moment that occurred during a season in which the corresponding team won the Super Bowl.



Dynamic Moment

Marks any Moment with the capacity to change and evolve beyond its original condition.

Perfect Serial

Marks a Moment with a serial number that matches the edition's perfect serial.


Reward Badges

Challenge Reward Badge

Marks any Moment edition that is distributed exclusively via Reward Packs.


Crafted Reward Badge

Marks any Moment edition that is exclusively minted and distributed via a Crafting Challenge.



Please Note: NFL ALL DAY released Moments to users for the first time in the Week 13 Pack Drop on Dec. 10, 2021, during the closed beta period.

Before that, 352 unique 1/1 Moments were minted on the blockchain for various players throughout the league from the first 12 weeks of the season, to be referred to as Genesis Moments. Some of these Moments may be released to users in the future, but they will not qualify for the ALL DAY Debut or Rookie Debut badges.

After Week 13, Moments continued to be minted on the blockchain weekly throughout the rest of the season, though there were no Pack Drops for Weeks 15 or 16. Though not released in Pack Drops at the time they were minted, Moments from Weeks 15 and 16 will qualify for ALL DAY Debut and Rookie Debut badges using their mint date. In short, a player may have an NFL ALL DAY Debut from Week 15 or 16 that has not yet been released to users at this time.