Introducing NFL ALL DAY Moment™ Collectibles

An NFL ALL DAY Moment™ NFT is a new digital collectible available from the partnership between Dapper Labs, the NFL, and the NFLPA. These unique non-fungible tokens (or NFTs) come in the form of play highlights. These Moments are officially licensed NFL products that celebrate the game’s epic highlights from the most incredible football stars. 

Have a favorite player that you want to see score a touchdown? Or kick the field goal that ends the game? These clips will be available as Moments on NFL ALL DAY along with the statistics of the player.

Moments include exclusive collectible details of your favorite players like:

  • On-Field Video Highlight
  • Guaranteed Authenticity by the NFL and NFLPA
  • Moment Type, Tier, Series, and Serial Number
  • Highlight and Player Stats

While most Moments will have a single NFL highlight, there will be some cases where a collectible will be a compilation of more than one play. These can come in player form (i.e. a player gets multiple sacks in a game and one collectible contains a video melt of all of them) or in team form (i.e. a team has an amazing drive in the final 2 mins of a game and we string several of those plays together into one video melt).