NFL ALL DAY Sets and Tiers

Every collectible on NFL ALL DAY will belong to a set. Many will belong to one of our three core sets. Base is the Common core set, Locked In is the Rare core set, Iconic is the Legendary core set, and Genesis is the Ultimate core set. A “core” set, represents a wide array of Moments across the same rarity tier, and a “special edition” set, is a curated group of Moments with a similar theme.

Every highlight is part of a tier, which tells you how many of each Moment™ NFT are available. The main tiers are Common, Rare, Legendary, and Ultimate. Each tier has specific guidelines for both the mint counts of individual Moments and the total mint count of all Moments in the tier.

2023 Season

  • Common Tier: The fun of collecting, trading and upgrading for all fans
    • Entry-level collectibles representing the game’s stars. No serial numbers. No pre-set mint counts. Stock up on as many as you want, then combine them to achieve rarer colorways.
  • Uncommon Tier: Key football memories in limited-edition form
    • Coveted keepsakes with mint counts of just 1,500. Each one will commemorate in detail a breathtaking single play or single-game performance from the season.
  • Rare Tier: Scarce collector’s items in multiple presentations
    • With each collectible minted to just 300, the Rare tier is home to the first rung of dynamic Moments, which evolve to feature season reels for the top stars and rookies - as well as top-notch single-play and single-game Moments.
  • Legendary Tier: Premier tier primarily consisting of evolving collectibles
    • Only 30 fans can own each Legendary Moment - the bulk of Legendaries for the season will be dynamic Moments, which evolve over time to capture NFL stars’ top season highlights. And if a player receives a dynamic Moment, it will be their only Legendary for the entire regular season.

Series 2

In Series 2, NFL ALL DAY Moments will have 4 different rarity tiers, with their reflected max mint count for the Moment Editions in each tier below: 

  • Common Tier: Up to /10,000 Mint Count (Special Edition no more than 7,999)
  • Rare Tier: Up to /2,499 Mint Count (Up to 1,199 for regular-season sets)
  • Legendary Tier: Up to /100 Mint Count
  • Ultimate Tier: Up to /10 Mint Count

Additionally, we won’t produce more than 10,000 total Moments across the entire Legendary tier throughout Series 2.

Common Tier

  • Base Set (“Core” Common set) - Mint count of 10,000
  • Inside the Pylons (Common Special Edition) - Mint count of 7,000
    • Drive down the field. Get six. This set celebrates the plays where teams achieved what they set out to do– score a touchdown– however, it is that they got it across the goal line.
  • Move the Chains (Common Special Edition) - Mint count of 6,000 (reduced from 8,000 in Series 1)
    • The building blocks of great drives are first downs. These Moments kept the ball moving down the field on the march toward the end zone. 
  • Make the Stop (Common Special Edition) - Mint count of 5,000 (reduced from 7,000 in Series 1)
    • These are the Moments when the defense did its job, plain and simple. A sack. A pick. A tackle for a loss that forces a turnover on downs. It’s all here. 

Rare Tier

  • Locked In (“Core” Rare set) - Mint count of 1,199
  • Launch Codes (Rare Special Edition) - Mint count of 999 (increased from 899 in Series 1)
    • These Moments highlight deep connections that took the top off the defense and flipped the field, or big-time blasts from a kicker to put three points on the board.
  • Ball Hawk (Rare Special Edition) - Mint count of 899 (reduced from 999 in Series 1)
    • You can’t sneak one past these guys. Whether they’re batting it away, forcing a fumble with a precision punch on the ball or picking it off and taking it back the other way. These defenders define tight coverage and you can see why, regardless of whether they’re trailing their man on a short slant or a deep go route. 
  • Afterburners (Rare Special Edition) - Mint count of 799
    • This set is the definition of speed. These Moments are where you see some of the fastest guys in the league turn on the jets, whether it be on long runs, quick-to-the-QB sacks or speedy QB sneaks. 
  • In the Trenches (Rare Special Edition) - Mint count of 699
    • In the Trenches is all about line play because that’s where the game is won, as they say. Bursting through to take down the QB, or a pancake block that springs a teammate for a long gain. The work of the big men up front doesn’t go unnoticed.

Legendary Tier

  • Iconic (“Core” Legendary set) - Mint count of 79 (increased from 59 in Series 1)
    • Highlighting the Moments that got you out of your seat and made you put your hands on your head in disbelief.
  • Rookie Revelation (Legendary Special Edition) - Mint count of 99 (increased from 49 in Series 1)
    • The best rookies announce their arrival in grand fashion. Rookie Revelation features the Moments when you knew that rookie was officially ready to be a force in the league.

Mixed Tier

  • Hoodwinked (Mixed-tier Special Edition) - Mint counts of 5,500 (Common Special Edition), 550 (Rare SE) and 55 (Legendary SE)
    • Where play-calling creativity meets flawless execution.
  • Heroes & Heartbreakers (Mixed-tier Special Edition) - Mint counts of 4,500 (Common Special Edition), 450 (Rare SE) and 45 (Legendary SE)
    • Great players make big plays when it absolutely matters most – like pushing a team down the field in the closing seconds or forcing a turnover to put the game out of reach. These Moments capture the players who play the role of hero for their team and heartbreaker for their opponents.‍

For more information about Series 2 sets, check out our blog post here.‍

Series 1

For Series 1, which covers the 2021 NFL season, the numbers are as follows:

  • Common Tier: Every Common Moment in Series 1 features a mint count somewhere between 6,000-10,000. Across all Common Moments in Series 1, the total combined mint count will not exceed 5 million.
  • Rare Tier: Every Rare Moment in Series 1 features a mint count somewhere between 499-1,200. Across all Rare Moments in Series 1, the total combined mint count will not exceed 450,000.
  • Legendary Tier: Every Legendary Moment in Series 1 features a mint count somewhere between 29-59. Across all Legendary Moments in Series 1, the total combined mint count will not exceed 10,000.
  • Ultimate Tier: The highest tier Moments with mint counts of 10 or less. Our first Ultimate Moments will be released through our Historical Series pack drop with a mint count of 10.

For more information on our rarity tiers, check out our blog post here.


However, some collectibles will belong to Special Edition Sets. These are an editorial distinction built into the collectible to set it apart from others based on that highlight’s various qualities. For example, Afterburners is one of our rare special edition sets for when guys turn on the jets, and Hoodwinked is a legendary special edition set for the best trick plays. 

Alongside the Base Common core set, there are some Common Special Edition Sets such as He Called Game, Move the Chains, and Make the Stop.




As mentioned, Locked In is the Rare core set, and there are other Rare Special Edition sets such as In the Trenches, Ball Hawk, Game Changers, Showtime, Launch Codes, and 2-Minute Drill.



Next up, Iconic is the Legendary core set, and there are other Legendary Special Edition sets such as Rookie Revelation, What a Drive, and Hoodwinked.


Finally, Genesis is the Ultimate core set.  Though no Ultimate Moments have yet to be released in Series 1, we have minted 352 unique 1/1 Moments that are a part of this set. Each of these Moments features a different player and they were the first Moments minted on the blockchain. These will be the only Ultimate-tier Moments produced as part of Series 1.