Dynamic Moments

Introducing dynamic player Moments, a set of super-premium NFL collectibles that evolve throughout the season to feature the game’s most jaw-dropping highlights.

With just 30 Legendary-tier and 300 Rare-tier dynamic Moments available per player, these special collector’s items give you an unparalleled connection to your favorite stars and breakout candidates, right from the start of the season. Check out our blog post here for more details.


How It Works

The better your player plays and the more their team wins, the more often their collectibles will evolve to feature new highlights. Each team win and every statistical milestone the player hits will count for an evolution point and advance the collectibles toward getting new highlights.



Evolution Points

  • Team Wins (The player must participate in the game) - +1 Evolution Point
  • Player (Reaches any of the following in a single game) - +1 Evolution Point
    • 75 Rushing Yards
    • 75 Receiving Yards
    • 250 Passing Yards
    • 10 Tackles
    • 2 Sacks
    • 1 Interception
    • 1 Defensive/Special Teams TD
    • 2 Rushing or Receiving TDs
    • 3 Passing TDs
    • 55+ Yard Field Goal
    • 450 Team Yards Total Offense (OL Only)

Please Note: Evolution Points for dynamic Moments will be adjusted accordingly if stats are corrected after the game.

The more limited-edition a Moment is, the more often it will evolve. Rares will start the season with 2 evolution points so that the first evolution of each tier will occur at the same time.

  • Legendary - will evolve to feature a new highlight after every 2 evolution points
  • Rare - will evolve to feature a new highlight after every 4 evolution points

Whenever a player hits a new evolution threshold, our curation team will select a play from the games between the previous evolution and the new one to add to their Moments.

Badges and Indicators

Dynamic Moments will be indicated by a badge on the right-hand side of the player's name. On the top left corner of the dynamic Moment, a reel icon will show how many highlights have been added to the Moment. If the reel icon is coloured, this indicates that the Moment has recently evolved.