An NFL ALL DAY Challenge is an exciting way for you to connect with the game you love! Collect and own specific Moments and place them into the Challenge builder to get rewarded! 

To access any Challenge, collectors can select the Play tab at the top of the page, or navigate to a Challenge via the Playbook in the top right-hand corner.


On a given Challenge's page, there are a variety of information points to consider.



  1. A timer that tracks when an upcoming Challenge begins OR when a current Challenge is set to end. It is recommended to pay attention to which of these the timer is tracking.
  2. This will show you the reward for completing the Challenge (yardages in Playbook) or the Playbook that it's associated with.
  3. The date and time of when the Challenge ends. The deadline can also be found on the right below the reward.
  4. The number of completions and your own progress for the Challenge. A green bar will show that you have successfully completed all the requirements. A yellow bar for Crafting Challenges means that you have not yet burned the required Moments. A white bar shows that you have saved your entry with only some required Moments.
  5. A button to create, save, and submit your Challenge Entry. This will be greyed out if the Challenge has yet to begin.
  6. Details of the Challenge. This section will describe any rules and requirements needed to complete the Challenge. It will also let you know what kind of rewards to expect.

Once you select Create a Challenge Entry, you'll be able to make an eligible selection for each slot that you select. Your eligible Moments for each slot will be displayed. There will also be a button that takes you to shop for eligible Moments on the Marketplace. Once ready, you can press the Submit Challenge Entry button to submit your entry. If you do not have all the Moments there is a save entry button, but don't forget to add any eligible Moments if you wish to receive the yardage/reward for that challenge.  


Once submitted, you will be redirected to a confirmation page.



Please note:

  • Challenge timers may be extended if maintenance mode or technical difficulties prevent the Marketplace from being accessible.
  • Fans are responsible for monitoring their eligibility on the Challenge page and making any necessary updates before the deadline. Prior to the timer ending on a Challenge, please verify that each Challenge Entry still includes all eligible Moments.
  • All eligible Challenge submissions will receive the yardage reward via the Playbook, which can take time to apply after a Challenge expires. After the Challenge ends and yardages have been distributed, go to the Playbook tab of your profile to view your progress.
  • Cosmetic rewards are triggered instantly upon completing the task, however, it may take anywhere between a few seconds and a few minutes for the system to properly show up in the fan’s Profile or Playbook.
  • Fans must use the Challenge Builder to enter Challenges as well as make edits to their Challenge Entry unless stated otherwise. Fans must submit their completed Challenge Entry BEFORE the timer ends. The time of submission is recorded when the save/submit button is pressed. It is not possible to submit a Challenge entry after the deadline has passed. If you still see the create, save, or submit entry button after a Challenge has expired, please refresh and it should disappear. Even if you see the button after a Challenge has expired, you will not be able to create, save, or submit the entry. 
  • The Challenge Builder will automatically filter eligible Moments. Click each slot to see which Moments in your Collection are eligible.
  • In addition to the Challenge Builder automatically filtering eligible Moments, the Marketplace and Collection pages also have filters available for all the Challenge requirements (set, team, player, etc.).
  • If a Moment in a Challenge Entry is sold after building the Challenge Entry, you will need to replace that required Moment in the Challenge Builder in order to maintain eligibility. 
  • If fans have submitted or saved a Challenge Entry from the Challenge Builder prior to the Challenge timer expiring, Challenge Entries can be edited by going back to the Challenge page. Select the button that says Edit Challenge Entry to make any necessary changes to a Challenge Entry.