Locking Challenges

Locking Challenges allows collectors to use their Moments in the Challenge builder and lock them for the associated rewards. When you lock a Moment, you cannot list it for sale, trade, gift, transfer it from your account or consume it in a Crafting Challenge for one year after being locked. After a year has passed, you can unlock your Moment and you'll have full access to do whatever you want with the Moment again.

Moments that have been locked will show a small lock icon in the top right-hand corner of the Moment when viewing it. When viewing the Moment's details page, you can hover over the lock icon and check how many days are left in the lock.

Please Note: At this time, you will not be able to lock your Moments outside of a Challenge.

Locking Moments for a Challenge

Challenges that require you to lock your Moments, will show as a Locking Challenge in the top left-hand corner above the Challenge name.

Once you have selected the Moments required for your entry to lock, you will submit your Challenge entry as normal. For more details on how to complete a Challenge, check out our article here.

In a separate pop-up window, you will be asked to confirm the lock of your Moment by typing in Lock to complete the transaction. Please ensure that you have read the fine print before continuing as this action is irreversible.

Once completed, you will see a successful confirmation screen below that tells you that your Moments have been locked to complete the Challenge and a green Challenge completion bar.

If your lock was unsuccessful or you exit out of the lock screen confirmation page, you will see your Challenge completion bar show as yellow with Ready to Lock above it. If you do not go back to complete the lock before the Challenge deadline, you will not be eligible for the rewards associated with the Challenge.