"2022 NFL Season" Collectible

To celebrate the launch of the next generation of NFL fandom on NFL ALL DAY, we enlisted the help of a next-generation QB, Patrick Mahomes II, who will be serving as the face of NFL ALL DAY this season.

On August 18th, we released the "2022 NFL Season" collectible featuring Patrick Mahomes II:


For New ALL DAY Collectors:

Please follow these steps to get your "2022 NFL Season" collectible:

1. After clicking "Get Started" on the NFLALLDAY.com homepage, choose your Favorite Team and gain yards towards your Free "2022 NFL Season" collectible. Complete your sign-up for an account to score a Touchdown. 



To learn more about signing up with NFL ALL DAY, click here.

2. You can now click "Claim Reward" (make sure you have popups enabled to claim)

3. Congratulations on your "2022 NFL Season" collectible!



Current ALL DAY Collectors:

1. Current ALL DAY collectors will have an opportunity to receive this "2022 NFL Season" collectible as well. You can click on the “Get Started” button on the NFL ALL DAY homepage to begin the process. Then click "Claim Reward" once you have chosen a Favorite Team.


  • "2022 NFL Season" collectible cannot currently be sold on the NFL ALL DAY Marketplace at this time.
  • This "2022 NFL Season" collectible will be minted on demand. It will appear on the collection page within a few hours of claiming it. You can find this collectible by clicking the "Seasonal NFTs" tab on the Collection page.

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