In-Stadium Audio

Watching new Moments from the 2023 Season is going to feel like a whole different beast. Moments are now packed with chills and goosebumps like never before – you’ll love watching them over and over. Every new collectible on NFL ALL DAY in 2023 will now feature in-stadium audio that transports you right to the heart of the action.

To make these collectibles unique, we’ve worked with the NFL extensively throughout the offseason to secure these audio feeds. NFL ALL DAY Moments will stand apart experientially from any other way to watch these immortalized plays. You’ll be watching the action in its purest form, with a capture that makes you feel like you’re watching from the stadium live.

Series 1 and 2

To preserve the original nature and special collectability of NFL ALL DAY’s first collectibles, we won’t be retrofitting audio to Moments from Series 1 and 2. We believe the historical preservation of these Moments will make them only more collectable as time goes on.

As such, Series 1 and 2 Moments will remain a special testament to the early days of this new collecting experience.