What is a Pack? How do I get one?

Packs contain a different assortment of possible Moment™ NFTs, with an exact breakdown of what is available inside packs while supplies last. We typically announce all limited edition pack drops via email before a drop occurs. Be quick if you want to grab the newest Moments in pack drops. 

On a pack's page, you are able to view the number of packs remaining, eligibility requirements, pack odds for the respective pack, a list of Moments in the pack, and the fine print.

 Make sure you watch for announcements by following NFL ALL DAY on InstagramX, and Discord to never miss a drop.

Starter Packs

Starter Packs are the perfect way to start your collection on NFL ALL DAY. Each pack contains 3 Common Moments and is available for a limited time. 

As long as you haven't purchased a Starter Pack previously, you can purchase up to one Starter Pack. You can check out the Starter Pack here.