What is a Pack? How do I get one?

Packs contain a different assortment of possible Moment™ NFTs, with an exact breakdown of what is available inside packs while supplies last. We typically announce all limited edition pack drops via email before a drop occurs. Be quick if you want to grab the newest Moments in pack drops. 

On a pack's page, you are able to view the number of packs remaining, eligibility requirements, pack odds for the respective pack, a list of Moments in the pack, and the fine print.

Drops times may vary but are typically on Fridays. Make sure you watch for announcements by following NFL ALL DAY on InstagramTwitter, and Discord to never miss a drop.

The packs that were available in drops during the closed beta are now available during drops in the open beta, meaning no exclusive packs were sold during our Closed Beta. We strive for an even playing field and want everyone to have a chance to attain these same collectibles!

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