Introducing NFL ALL DAY

NFL ALL DAY is the Dapper platform in conjunction with the NFL and NFLPA that will allow you to collect Moment™ NFTs from your favorite NFL teams. Have a memorable play that you want as part of your collection? Your chance to own that Moment happens on NFL ALL DAY!

Through the partnership between the NFL, NFLPA, and Dapper Labs, we will be bringing you Moments from the NFL's past and present. Collectors will have the opportunity to collect epic Moments that span across decades of play. 

Moments are Online Digital Collectibles, or NFTs, of a player's highlight. To read more about NFL ALL DAY Moments, check out our Help Center entry: Introducing NFL ALL DAY Moment™ Collectibles.

An NFT is a one-of-a-kind, non-fungible, cryptographic token representing a unique digital asset for which there is no copy or substitute. An NFT cannot be substituted for another NFT as each NFT is distinctive and unique in some way. An NFT is not a medium of exchange and is not convertible virtual currency.

Each moment is secured by the blockchain, meaning your Moment is unique and licensed by the NFL and NFLPA.