Introducing… “Playbook,” our new rewards-based game mode – with a free-to-play option – that brings your NFL ALL DAY experience closer to the action than ever before. Each week, you’ll be given a “Playbook” full of opportunities and Challenges – complete them to gain yards and move down a football field to earn rewards along the way.

For more information, you can check out our NFL ALL DAY blog post here.

How to Access Playbook

Click on the "Playbook" icon beside the "Account" icon to get a pop-up Playbook tab to easily track your progress. To go to the full Playbook page, you can click on "View Playbook" at the bottom of the pop-up.





Free Rewards are available to all fans, with no need to own any Moments on NFL ALL DAY, and are cosmetic-based prizes that you can use to flex on your profile. (e.g. For Week 1, you'll find an assortment of exciting profile banners and "Accolades" – trophies that will appear in your collection)

  • To add any eligible Free Rewards banners to your profile, simply click "My Profile" under your account tab, go to the settings icon in the top right, then click the "edit" button next to the "Cover Image" and choose your banner. 



Premium Rewards will include epic Playbook packs (see below) full of NFL ALL DAY Moments featuring the NFL's best highlights. To access the Premium reward path, you'll need to unlock the Premium path for the week: the way you'll do that will change week to week so make sure you double-check the task to unlock premium rewards. In order to receive any Premium Playbook rewards, make sure you click "Unlock Premium". When you complete the requirement(s) to unlock premium, you will see a green checkmark, and the locks will remove from the Premium Rewards.

Unlocking premium can be done at any time, before or after completing challenges, however, it must be done before the timer on that week's Playbook ends. Make sure you do not wait until the last minute, or you could run into difficulties burning or not finishing your burning in time. 

Please note: You will still need to obtain the necessary yards associated with each Premium reward pack otherwise you will not be eligible. Collectors will also need to be logged in for any daily visit rewards to count.





Premium Reward Pack Contents of Pack
One Star Playbook Pack 1 Base Set Moment

Two Star Playbook Pack

2 Common Moments, featuring 1 Base-set Moment and a second that is either Base-set or Common Special-Edition
Three Star Playbook Pack  3 Moments, featuring 2 Common Moments and a third Moment that is either Common Special-Edition or a Rare Moment
Four Star Playbook Pack 3 Moments, featuring 2 Common Moments and a third Moment that is either Common Special-Edition or a Rare Moment (the odds at a Rare moment in this pack will be higher than the odds at a Rare Moment in the Three Star Pack)
Five Star Playbook Pack 3 Moments, featuring 2 Common Moments and a third Moment that is either a Rare Moment or a Legendary moment



Your weekly tasks are called “plays" and will vary every week. Some plays are as simple as logging in, while other plays require you to complete challenges. With each play you complete, you will earn a certain amount of yardage, and hitting different yardage milestones will earn you a specific reward.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll see us continue to experiment with the different plays you can complete and the rewards you can earn. Keep collecting your favorite Moments, you never know what will be needed for your Playbook on any given week!

Available Plays are tasks you can complete immediately, Upcoming Plays are coming soon for you to complete, and Completed Plays are tasks that you have already successfully completed for the week.



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