The NFL ALL DAY Marketplace

The NFL ALL DAY Marketplace is where you can buy and sell individual Moment NFTs and NFL Team NFTs from your favorite teams and players. So if you are looking to add a Moment to your collection, this will be the way to do it. If you are a little short on cash to purchase that Moment you want, you can list one of the Moments in your collection for sale. All the Moment NFTs in the Marketplace are owned by other members of the NFL ALL DAY community and contains Moments previously released through pack sales and airdrops.




The Marketplace uses the Dapper Wallet, so collectors will need to connect their wallets. You can purchase Moments with the Dapper Balance or your credit card and sell Moments in your collection for Dapper Balance. With the Dapper Balance, collectors can purchase additional packs, individual Moments, or transfer your balance back safely to your bank account or crypto wallet. Successfully purchased Moments will automatically appear in your NFL ALL DAY collection. 


*Please note, the Marketplace may be affected by maintenance as well as cooldown periods during times of high traffic, such as a pack drop.

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