How to Join the NFL ALL DAY Beta

Aspiring collectors can sign up for the NFL ALL DAY beta at! Those with existing Dapper accounts can sign up for the waitlist with the same account.

If you are new to the Dapper ecosystem, you are able to create a new account on the NFL ALL DAY website. For more on how to create an account, check out our help guide: Creating a Dapper Account.

If you’re not selected initially, don't worry! You’ll have additional chances to be granted access if you’re on the waitlist! 

Note: Those selected to participate in the closed beta will be chosen based on a variety of factors. Testers will be added in waves throughout the closed beta. 




How do I know if I'm in the closed beta?

Once you have been granted access to the closed beta, you will be notified a couple of ways:

  • A notification may be sent to your Dapper email confirming your access
  • You will be able to see the 'Packs' preview page

NOTE: Groups of testers will be added in waves throughout the closed beta. 

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