Rise the ranks and compete with other collectors to win rewards with Leaderboards on the Playbook! Leaderboards are a great way to interact with the community, utilize your Moments and win amazing prizes. If there is an active Leaderboard available, you will be able to hover over the Play tab in the top bar and select the Leaderboards page.

How to Participate

To participate in a Leaderboard, collectors will need to complete plays in the corresponding Playbook here. For more details about the Playbook, check out our article here. To determine the Playbook that corresponds to the Leaderboard you're aiming to climb, look for the beginning of the Leaderboard name and find the Playbook that matches the name. For example, the Predict Leaderboard is associated with the Predict: Super Wild Card Playbook and the All-Pro Leaderboard is associated with the All-Pro: Super Wild Card Playbook.

The yardage gained from completing plays will be calculated and tallied up on the Leaderboard and this will decide what your ranking is. Should collectors be tied for a certain spot, the number of touchdowns or tiebreakers a collector has will determine their ranking.

  • Touchdowns - Touchdowns are based on the distinct number of times a collector has reached 100 yards or more in a weekly Playbook. Collectors can score one touchdown per Playbook week.
  • Tiebreakers - Tiebreakers are calculated based on the number of Rare, Legendary or Ultimate Tier Moments submitted by collectors in completed Playbook Challenge slots.