Upgrading Common Moments

For the 2023 season, the Common tier will feature top players from each team represented with a suite of color-coded collectibles. Created a few weeks into the season, these collectibles will feature a quick reel of in-game footage of a single play that showcases aspects of the player's play style and personality. Grab your team's stars and upgrade the collectibles to rarer, more prestigious color levels through a simple trade-in system. Check out our blog post here for more details.

With no pre-set mint counts and no displayed serial numbers, Commons will be sold on demand throughout the season, primarily through specific team-based packs available to each fan base on NFL ALL DAY.

How Does Upgrading Work?

Accumulate three same-colored Commons of your favorite player, either through ripping packs or shopping the marketplace, and you can trade them in for a rarer, newly-colored collectible that shines even brighter. For example, if you collect three Green Common Moments, you can craft them into a Blue Common Moment with each becoming a rarer collectible. 

Please Note: Upgrading Moment is an irreversible action and the Moments traded in will be burned, meaning they will no longer exist on the platform.