Rewards and Unlocking Premium


Free Rewards are available to all fans, with no need to own any Moments on NFL ALL DAY, and are cosmetic-based prizes that you can use to flex on your profile. (e.g. For Week 1, you'll find an assortment of exciting profile banners and "Accolades" – trophies that will appear in your collection)

  • To add any eligible Free Rewards banners to your profile, simply click My Profile under your account tab, go to the settings icon in the top right, then click the Edit button next to Cover Image and choose your banner. 



Premium Rewards will include epic Playbook packs full of NFL ALL DAY Moments featuring the NFL's best highlights and Moments you can only earn from the Playbook. These reward packs will vary each week and may include 1 to 5 Star reward packs (with more stars having better rewards). Make sure to check the Rewards section in each Playbook for the details on the reward packs available.

Unlocking Premium Rewards

To access the Premium reward path, you'll need to unlock the Premium path for the week: the way you'll do that will change week to week so make sure you double-check the task to unlock Premium rewards. In order to receive any Premium Playbook rewards, make sure you click Unlock on the task you'd like to unlock Premium for under the Unlock Premium Rewards section on each corresponding Playbook. 


When you complete the requirement(s) to unlock Premium, you will see the locks will remove from the Premium Rewards and it will show Premium Rewards Unlocked on the right-hand side of the Playbook you're viewing. A pop-up will also show that you have completed the premium unlocking task.




Unlocking premium can be done at any time, before or after completing challenges. However, it must be done before the timer on that week's Playbook ends. Make sure you do not wait until the last minute, or you could run into difficulties unlocking premium. 

Please note:

  • You will need to head to each respective Playbook and complete the corresponding unlocking task in order to be eligible for Premium Rewards. There is no overlap in the unlocking task for the Playbooks. (Ex. If you burn 1 Moment for the Rookie Playbook it will not count toward the All-Pro Playbook. Burns cannot be transferred to other Playbooks.)
  • You will still need to obtain the necessary yards associated with each Premium reward pack otherwise you will not be eligible.