In the Playbook, your weekly tasks are called “plays" and will vary each week. Some plays are as simple as logging in, while other plays require you to complete Challenges. With each play you complete, you will earn a certain amount of yardage, and hitting different yardage milestones will earn you a specific reward.

You’ll see us continue to experiment with the different plays you can complete and the rewards you can earn. Keep collecting your favorite Moments, you never know what will be needed for your Playbook on any given week!

  • Available Plays are tasks you can complete immediately
  • Upcoming Plays are coming soon for you to complete
  • Completed Plays are tasks that you have already successfully completed for the week
    • Plays are only marked as completed when you see the green bar and it says Challenge Successful
    • If the bar is yellow and shows that you have requirements missing that means that you have filled the slots in with the correct Moments but have not submitted or burned yet. If you do not complete the transaction, your submission will be ineligible
  • Expired Plays are tasks that you did not complete for the week.

Please note: Collectors will need to be logged in for any daily visit rewards to count.