NFL ALL DAY Playbook

Introducing…“Playbook,” our new rewards-based game mode – with a free-to-play option – that brings your NFL ALL DAY experience closer to the action than ever before. Each week, you’ll be given a Playbook full of opportunities and Challenges – complete them to gain yards and move down a football field to earn rewards along the way.

There are also multiple Playbooks that collectors can participate in, each with a distinct path. All Playbooks still feature the game-centric Challenges you love, but the more difficult Playbooks will feature higher-level requirements and more Moments needed.

The Playbooks will include different plays and each Playbook will have its own way to unlock premium. For example, this means that any yards gained and plays completed on Rookie Playbook will only apply to the Rookie Playbook and any yards gained and plays completed on All-Pro Playbook will only apply to the All-Pro Playbook. Also, unlocking premium for the Rookie Playbook will not unlock premium for the All-Pro Playbook. You can choose to participate in one or participate in them all.

For more information, you can check out our NFL ALL DAY blog post here.